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Code White

The aim of the white code is to ensure that the security personnel are informed and directed to the scene as quickly as possible in case of theft, physical assault and sexual harassment that may happen to the patient/relatives and employees in the hospital.

Code Blue

The blue code is intended to ensure the successful resuscitation of patients with impaired or disappearing life symptoms and in need of urgent basic life support by trained personnel. Therefore, the blue code status and the procedure to be followed are much more urgent and important than others. Since it is not clear when the event will take place, it is necessary to be prepared at any time. The arrest of vital functions can be in the wards or in the departments such as radiology unit, polyclinics, even the refectory or the maintenance department. Since there are no doctors or nurses in such administrative units, calls from these places are much more important. For this reason, blue code calls (like all other color code calls) can be made not only in clinics, but also in any unit of our hospitals (including the additional building).

Code Pink

The pink code (child safety) is a system for informing security personnel in cases of abduction, disappearance and similar situations that may be directed to infants and children. In this way, the security team is quickly transferred to the scene and a controlled passage is applied at the entrance and exit of the hospital and preventive interventions are provided.

Code Red

The red code is to ensure that security personnel are informed and directed to the scene of a fire in the hospital.