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Product Description

Digimat central clock system is a system where the main clock unit sends the time information received from the satellite using GPS to all the subordinate clocks at the same time and all the sub clocks show the same time information. Synchronized secondary clocks are grouped with the master clock using wired or wireless system technologies.

Traditional, asynchronous clocks, which can be manually adjusted, move away from the right time at different rates. After a relatively short time, they can all show very different times. Correction of independent secondary clocks can be a very time-consuming process that needs to be performed at regular intervals.

Once installed and correctly configured, the secondary clocks included in the central clock system are virtually maintenance-free, unlike the high-maintenance independent clocks. Secondary clocks can often be configured to show time in different time zones, making them ideal for trade floors and meeting rooms.

Power outages or malfunctions can cause asynchronous clocks to display the wrong time. Errors can be corrected by correcting each hour separately. Central clock systems automatically receive accurate time from hardware references such as GPS. A few minutes after power-up, the secondary clocks receive the time information from the master clock unit and work synchronously.

Perhaps the most useful in the use of a central clock system is the use of timing capabilities. Some of the main clocks have relay features that allow other systems such as bells, alarms, heating and air conditioning to be connected to the clock system. The relays can be programmed to sound the buzzer and alarm or to operate the heating and air conditioner at predetermined times. Individual programs can be set up for each transition to ensure that businesses and organizations are proactive.

Time, date and temperature information can be displayed in the digital secondary clocks. No computer connection is required for the system to operate.


Main Clock Unit

Digital Slave Clock

Analog Slave Clock

Data Distribution Module